Please read the guide carefully before using the product

Mr. SHOT is a novel device designed to supply hot water instantaneously! Comparing to other storage geysers, Mr. SHOT conserves electricity. It is the most advanced heater and as such can be installed anywhere. The specialty of this heater is that it heats only the amount of water economically needed for use.

Dear Customer, Welcome to the world of Mr. SHOT instant running water heater! Thanks for choosing Mr. SHOT instant electric water heater the most durable, dependable and safe product in the market today.

We are delighted to share that you are the owner of this product, which is first of its kind in India, designed and developed by an exclusive team of experienced professionals. The unique feature is that the geyser is corrosion proof. Tested to withstand any temperature of hot water. The advanced German technology design aids to delay scale forming inside the geyser.

We are pleased to proclaim that we are the manufacturers of India’s first 7 in 1 instant running water heater. Some of the models of Mr. SHOT can be carried anywhere and fitted everywhere based on your convenience.

Please read this User Guide carefully before using the product for the first time. The User Guide will help you to understand the proper handling of the water heater, its installation and work process.

You can directly contact the seller in your region or our company for after sales and service of the product.

Product Features

  • Good appearing, corrosion-proof and unbreakable ABS plastic body.
  • Heats water up to 75 C within 10 seconds.
  • We have models available that can be fitted anywhere and everywhere based on your convenience.
  • No pollution, hence environment-friendly.
  • Automatic cut off in case of over-heating.
  • Auto on or manual reset facility available in some models.
  • Thin body design, streamlined appearance, international fashion.
  • Instant use, no need to waste your precious time.
  • Manufactured using advanced techniques and high-precision testing instruments.
  • The essential components of the product meet the ISI standards.
  • Ideal to use in houses, beauty salons, hostels, hotels, schools and factories where there is an instant need of warm/hot water supply (Strictly not for drinking purpose).

Manual for installation and use

Attention during installation

  • Except a qualified technician, do not entertain others to dismantle, repair or change the water heater or the wire of the device; failing which may result in fire, electricity leakage, or damage to the product.
  • Except a qualified technician, do not entertain others to dismantle, repair or change the water heater or the wire of the device; failing which may result in fire, electricity leakage, or damage to the product.
  • Ensure all power and voltage related criteria are met for proper working of the water heater.
  • Use only 220 Volts AC current and 16 A three pin plug. It is required that this device be properly grounded. Do not share the plug base with any other electrical appliances, failing which may cause fire or short circuit.
  • After completing the installation, make sure that the water overflows from the geyser before switching on the heater.

Installation Instructions

  • This water heater must be installed by an experienced electrician.
  • Fix the water heater at your convenience. Refer to the appropriate picture and description of the model mentioned in the page
  • Use connecting tube to connect the water inlet from the faucet and the hot water pipe to the outlet.
  • After completing the installation, turn on the cold / hot faucet and then turn on the power.

Note : Ensure the use of proper 3/20 Gauge CTS copper wire, 16 A fuse and power plug. It is unsafe for the children or infirm person to use this appliance without proper adult supervision. This is not a toy, therefore never allow any children to play with it.

Fix the pipe (as in the image)

  • Place the water heater at proper place.
  • Connect the water inlet / outlet with connecting tube
  • After finishing installing, turn on the tap; turn on the power after water comes out from the tap.

Note : Use 16 A plug for the power wire

  • It is required that this device be properly grounded and never dismantle the earthing of the device for any reasons.
  • Don’t connect any water control points in the outlet of the device. The outlet is meant only for the outflow of the heated water; therefore never block the water flow especially when the power is on.
  • If the power wire is not long enough or damaged, ask the electrician to replace it with wire of good quality.
  • After using the device, please switch off the power then turn off the water valve.
  • Keep the water outlet clean from any blockages for the water to flow smoothly.

Descaling Process

In order to remove the salts and sediments that may accumulate in the device as a result of the contact of hard water on the element for a long period of time, descaling is done. Unlike the other storage geysers, the highlight of Mr. SHOT is that you yourself can do the descaling easily without seeking the assistance of the plumber and the electrician.


Pour a quantity of 100 ml HCL (that is 20% concentrated) along with 200 ml soft water into the geyser. Leave the geyser for 15 minutes. Shake vigorously, then drain the acid water completely and flush the geyser with fresh water for 2 minutes. Do this process in every 3 to 6 months interval depending on the hardness of water.

If descaling is not done on the device regularly, it may cause delay in the heating time of water, which would increase the power consumption, obviously expend more money and also the life of the device will be affected.

Common Problems And Ways To Handle




Water leakage from the water inlet and outlet joint

a) The inlet/outlet joint(s) may not be properly fixed.

b) The rubber ring of joint might be damaged

a) Properly fix the water pipe again

b) Replace the new rubber ring

Water is too cold

a) The voltage may be too low

b) Water flow may be too high

a) Check the voltage and wait until the voltage becomes normal

b) Adjust the water valve to decrease the water flow

Water is too hot

a) Water flow may be too low

b) The outlet tube may be blocked

a) Adjust the water valve according to your desired temperature

b) Clean the outlet or allow a smooth water flow

Water temperature: sometimes hot / some􀀫mes cold

a) Voltage may not be stable

b) Water flow may not be stable

a) Ensure normal voltage

b) Ensure normal water flow

The switch is shut down or the fuse is burnt

a) The fuse wire may be too thin or the switch /plug may be too old or worn out

Replace with 16A fuse wire or replace the switch/plug

The power indicator light is not glowing

a) May not be connected the power

a) Connect to the power supply

Remark : Even after trying these possible solutions, if the problem still persists, please contact your nearest service center or the dealer from which the purchase has been made, or our after sales and service department.

Do not dismantle the machine by yourself at any cost.

For any service and support of Mr. SHOT, you can directly contact our seller in your region or the after sales and service department of our company. We will be pleased to be at your service.

In order to serve you better, please pay attention to the following details:

  • The product is guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of purchase during which any repair/defects can be brought to the local maintenance department along with the invoice and warranty card. We will not be able to undertake the maintenance or service of your device without producing the warranty card and invoice, so keep it carefully.
  • In case of any problems or non-working of the device, you should not dismantle or reassemble the product, otherwise the product will lose its warranty right.
  • Our company will not take any responsibility for the accidents or any other mishandling of this device.
  • For the convenience of product maintenance, please keep the carton of the product.

We believe that we have given you a useful and a long-lasting product in your hand!! Enjoy the benefits of Mr. SHOT in your place!!!