Mr.Shot Prime Instant Running Water Heater Made Of First Class Abs Plastic / With 'On And Off' Switch / Manual Reset Model / Color Rose

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Good appearing, corrosion-proof and unbreakable ABS plastic body.

Heats water up to 75o C within 10 seconds.

We have models available that can be fitted anywhere and everywhere based on your convenience.

No pollution, hence environment-friendly.

Automatic cut off in case of over-heating.

Auto on or manual reset facility available in some models.

Thin body design, streamlined appearance, international fashion.

Instant use, no need to waste your precious time.

Manufactured using advanced techniques and high-precision testing instruments.

The essential components of the product meet the ISI standards.


INSTANT RUNNING WATER HEATER - Just with 15 Amp plug point and a water line from the tap, non-stop supply of instant hot water is available from 10 seconds onwards!!! Automatic cut off feature is available, when water temperature is over 60°-70° Celsius or when there is no inflow of water.

There is a manual reset feature available in this model, which enables to switch on that which was cut off automatically, as mentioned above. When the manual reset button is pressed, the heater starts to function as usually.

The essential components of the product meet the ISI standards.

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Voltage: 220 - 240V

Wattage: 50Hz - 3 Kw

Heating Element: Coated direct immersion type with patented termination.

Resistance to Water Hardness: Safe up to 600 ppm

Mr.SHOT™ guarantees

Product safety


Energy efficiency

ISI certified Element and Thermostat components

On-site manufacture

Quality assurance